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Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins is best known as being part of TLC, one of the best selling female R&B groups of all time. Some of TLC's most popular songs include "Creep", "Waterfalls", "No Scrubs", and "Unpretty".

Top T-Boz Headlines
TLC singer responds to Rihanna after she posts topless photo of them on Twitter
TLC band member T-Boz has hit back at Rihanna after she posted a topless photo of them on Twitter in response to comments they made about her stripping.

T-Boz -- I'll Fight Rihanna, And Kick Her Ass!
T-Boz fired off another salvo in her naked war with Rihanna ... this time upping the stakes by essentially challenging her to a fight.RiRi and T-Boz squared off earlier this month after T-Boz trashed RiRi for regularly showing way too much skin.? Permalink

T-Boz Says TLC Has No Beef With Rihanna
Despite an alleged exchange earlier this month, T-Boz (of TLC) says she does not have beef with Rihanna. Earlier in the month, TLC was in Australia for a string of performances and conducted an interview, which seemed to single out Rihanna for her overly sexual image.

T-Boz Will Serve Fade To Rihanna: ?I Don?t Do Twitter Beefs? [Video]
Earlier in June, TLC?s T-Boz trashed Rihanna for her constant nudity. RiRi fired back on Twitter calling her an ?old thot? and a ?hypocrite.? Today, we learn it?s really T-Boz who could care less.

#News: Backlash Following Rihanna Controversy: TLC's T-Boz Says Cyber Bullies Are "Cowards"
TLC member T-Boz made a recent appearance on "The Daily Helpline" to discuss the controversy surrounding a young lady, who was captured breastfeeding her baby at her graduation, but she also found herself discussing the social media uproar launched by Rihanna and her followers

Rihanna Beef? T-Boz Is A ?Grown Ass Woman? With No Time For That
T-Boz addresses rumored TLC and Rihanna 'beef.'

T-Boz Slams Rihanna For Immature Twitter Attack
The feud continues!

Nicki Minaj vs. Iggy Azalea: The beef
It's not hip-hop without beef, right?

Just like a Rolling Stone?
Some rockers stay the same for decades. But what about the bands who changed line-ups? Does their music have the same apeal?

Can a band change and keep its appeal?
It's happened to countless bands over the years - make, break, then litigate. After reaching the heights of fame, a band might break up, leading to squabbles over who has the right to use the band name. The result ? a complex web of who can use what name in which territory.

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Did You Know?
Tionne worked as a model, manicurist, shampoo girl and hairdresser.
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