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Sean Bean

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Sean Bean

Best known for his role as Boromir in the "Lord Of The Rings" films, Sean Bean is a British actor. His other prominent films include "Patriot Games", "GoldenEye", "Ronin", "Don't Say a Word", "Troy", "National Treasure", "North Country" and "Flightplan." His famous TV parts include the "Sharpe" series.

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Ned Stark speaks from the grave! Sean Bean on keeping up with 'Game of Thrones'
Four years after his noble character Ned Stark lost his head, Sean Bean tells EW ¬ what it‚s like to watch¬ Game of Thrones from the sidelines. KEEPING UP WITH THE STARKS SEAN BEAN:¬ ‚I do watch, although I‚ve not managed to catch much because of work...

What Does Sean Bean Think Of Game Of Thrones Since Losing His Head? Has He Been Keeping Up With The Series That Killed ...
Sean Bean holds no grudges against Game of Thrones. Even though they totally chopped off his (well, his character Ned Stark's) head in season one! Whoops? spoiler alert! LOLz! The late Eddard Stark, Lord Paramount of the North Sean sat down for an interview recently, talking all things GoT! So, the big question on everyone's mind is if the [...]

Bean watches Game of Thrones "to see who's left"
Sean Bean has said he watches Game of Thrones when he has the time as he finds it "fascinating to see who's left" on the series that's famous for killing off major characters.

BuzzFeed takes ballsy approach with David Cameron interview
Site featured image of prime minister as Game of Thrones character Lord Varys on Facebook page hosting live stream BuzzFeed?s interview with David Cameron on Monday evening revealed an important fact about the prime minister?s views ? his favourite Game of Thrones character is Ned Stark (as played by Sean Bean). However, Monkey notes that on the very Facebook page from which the Cameron ...

19 Video Game Characters With Super Famous Voices
Next time you play your favorite game, listen a little closer. Does that character's voice sound familiar? Maybe it is.

'Game Of Thrones': Who Would Kit Harrington Like To See Jon Snow Face In A Fight? [VIDEO]
Over the four seasons on HBO?s ?Game of Thrones,? Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has faced off against Ned Stark (Sean Bean) and been Robb Stark?s (Richard Madden) prisoner, but another character from the Stark family wants his shot at the Kingsguard leader: Jon Snow (Kit Harrington).

HBO?s online streaming service is coming, but at what cost?
HBO Now is coming, but the deal involving Apple Inc. that has fans of the two monster companies excited might not be all sunshine and roses one analyst says.

George R.R. Martin Meets Taylor Swift in Parody Mashup
Comedian Nick Mundy reveals his inspiration for playing the 'Game of Thrones' author: "He's just the most excited guy in the world."

The Only Way is Essos: Lucy Mecklenburgh is obsessed with Game of Thrones
Princess of the land of Essex Lucy Mecklenburgh has fallen in love with the swords and sorcery of Game of Thrones. Lounging on her own throne with prince Louis Smith she revealed her obsession with the action packed series.

Margaret Atwood on Game of Thrones: ?Real people, every murderous one?
With the fifth season of Game of Thrones beginning next month, acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood explains why she finds the show ? inspired by literature and the real monarchs of our blood-soaked medieval history ? so compelling, while five other famous fans share their devotion to Westeros Once sucked in, you stay sucked. Be warned. On one side of the artefact/audience interchange, avid faces ...

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Did You Know?
Sean has a "100% BLADE" tattoo on his left shoulder, in honour of his favourite football team, Sheffield United whose nickname is "The Blades". The tattoo is frequently converted (with makeup) into a scar - or a different tattoo - when he is filming.
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