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Sacha Baron Cohen

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Sacha Baron Cohen

Most famous for his "Da Ali G. Show", in which he plays three seperate outrageous characters, Ali G., Borat and Bruno. Sacha has also voiced the character of Julien the Lemur King in the hit film "Madagascar."

Top Sacha Baron Cohen Headlines
Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury?
The on-again off-again pairing of Borat and one of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll, Freddie Mercury, is reportedly on again. And off again.

Sacha Baron Cohen Won?t Star in Freddie Mercury Biopic
It was apparently "a small joke"

Sacha Baron Cohen Playing Freddie Mercury in Biopic After All? Here's What Queen Guitarist Brian May Said!
For the last time, no, Sacha Baron Cohen will not be rocking you as Freddie Mercury. The 43-year-old prank-loving British actor, best known for onscreen alter egos such...

Sacha Baron Cohen to direct Freddie Mercury biopic rumour may be false
The on-again off-again pairing of Borat and Freddie Mercury may or may not be on again.

Sacha Baron Cohen To Star in Freddie Mercury Biopic, Queen Manager Says
Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen will write, direct, produce and star in a biopic about late Queen singer Freddie Mercury, according to the band'...

Brian May: Freddie Mercury Film News Was a 'Joke'
Sorry, Freddie Mercury devotees: the long-rumored biopic of the Queen frontman starring Sacha Baron Cohen is still shelved, despite persistent recent...

Sacha Baron Cohen NOT in Queen biopic
UPDATE: It appears we might have gotten¬ excited over nothing‚Queen guitarist Brian May posted on his website that the band‚s manager Jim Beach¬ was just throwing in ‚a small joke‚ when he claimed that Sacha Baron Cohen had officially signed on to the long-delayed project. Cohen‚s rep has not...

Sacha Baron Cohen Won't Be Returning to the Queen Biopic After All
Update: Queen guitarist Brian May has posted on his website that manager Jim Beach was only joking when he reported the news of Sacha Baron Cohen's return to the biopic. According to May, what he actually said was that the Bruno actor would be returning to the film to play "all four major roles...

FROM EW: Sacha Baron Cohen Will Not Play Freddie Mercury in Biopic
Queen guitarist Brian May's joke may have been taken a little too seriously

Brian May Denies Sacha Baron Cohen Will Star In Freddie Mercury Biopic
Queen Guitarist Brian May Has Denied Reports That Sacha Baron Cohen Is Back On Board The Freddie Mercury Biopic, And Insists That His Manager Was Joking When He Confirmed The News.

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Did You Know?
As a rule, he only appears on chat shows in character (usually as Ali G or Borat) rather than as himself. He gave a 2004 Harvard commencement address in character as Ali G.
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