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Sacha Baron Cohen

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Sacha Baron Cohen

Most famous for his "Da Ali G. Show", in which he plays three seperate outrageous characters, Ali G., Borat and Bruno. Sacha has also voiced the character of Julien the Lemur King in the hit film "Madagascar."

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Sacha Baron Cohen and his celeb friends are basically taking over Cape Town
Sacha Baron Cohen and his celeb friends are basically taking over Cape Town

Ed Miliband hid his "touchy feely" side for fear of appearing weak, advisor says
Simon Baron-Cohen, the cousin of Ali G actor Sacha Baron-Cohen, gave Mr Miliband advice on how to use empathy to connect with voters

Sacha Baron Cohen Angers Grimsby Residents: 5 Others He Riled
Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy, Grimsby, has angered local residents while just in the filming stage. Fortunately, he's used to ruffling a few feathers.

Sacha Baron Cohen and top Tory donors may owe thousands to taxman
Over the next few weeks up to 33,000 people who invested in the tax-saving schemes could receive letters warning them they may have to settle unpaid bills within 90 days ? or risk being taken to court.

Sacha Baron Cohen Film Shoot Upsets Residents of British Town
Shots from the set of spy comedy "?Grimsby" see the English town portrayed as a litter-strewn dump populated by drunks and soccer hooligans. read more

Sacha Baron Cohen's new film Grimsby upsets the people of the northern town
Sacha Baron Cohen is known for upsetting the people of the towns and the countries that he...

Sacha Baron Cohen Will Play a Grimsby Hooligan in Newest Film Project
In Sacha Baron Cohen's newest project, he'll play a not-so-bright footballing hooligan based in Grimsby .  Based on Cohen's past characters, unsurprisingly, the people of Grimsby are not so pleased at the prospect of the film, set for release next summer.  Per 101 Great Goals , the premise will be of a secret agent who discovers his long-lost brother (Cohen), who is a dimwitted fan.  According ...

Sacha Baron Cohen Causes Outrage with Grimsby Film
Sacha Baron Cohen has caused controversy again, this time provoking outrage among the people of Grimsby thanks to the deeply unflattering portrayal of their town in his forthcoming movie. Baron Cohen is currently filming his movie, Grimsby, which is set in the 1980s and features a stellar cast, including Penelope Cruz and Mark Strong.  It is about a spy, played by Strong, who is forced to go on ...

Sacha Baron Cohen upsets Grimsby residents with new film
Grimsby officials speak out against the town's portrayal in the upcoming film.

Ed Miliband seeks help from Ali G's cousin to connect with voters
Ed Miliband has found new inspiration that he hopes will make voters think he is ?da man? ? the cousin of Ali G actor Sacha Baron-Cohen. The beleagured Labour leader has come under ridicule in recent weeks for a series of image gaffs, including a less than flattering photo of him munching a bacon sarnie.

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As a rule, he only appears on chat shows in character (usually as Ali G or Borat) rather than as himself. He gave a 2004 Harvard commencement address in character as Ali G.
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