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James Blunt

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James Blunt

A British musician, James Blunt is a singer/songwriter who made it big with the bittersweet hit song "You're Beautiful." Blunt's other popular songs include "High" and "Wisemen."

Top James Blunt Headlines
James Blunt in 'posh spat' with MP
Singer James Blunt is in a war of words with Labour MP Chris Bryant about the public school background of leading performers.

James Blunt Writes Open Letter In Response To Chris Bryant's Rant About 'Eddie Redmayne, James Blunt And Their Ilk'
James Blunt has been honing his skills of the sharp-tongued retort in the training room of Twitter for the last five years, and now he's taken it onto the pitch, with a red-blooded, forensically-skilled takedown of MP Chris Bryant. READ ALSO: James Blunt Just Won Twitter, And Here's Why James Blunt Tells HuffPostUK: 'I'm Not Worried About Five Men With Their Trousers Round Their Ankles' If Chris ...

James Blunt's BEST Twitter comebacks after he blasts Labour MP Chris Bryant in class war over success
James Blunt might spout mild and romantic lyrics in his songs. But when it comes to Twitter, James' creative offerings are very different. Mr Bryant had said more must be done to ensure Harrow-schooled Blunt, Eton-educated actor Eddie Redmayne ?and their ilk? do not continue to dominate the arts.

James Blunt vs Chris Bryant Round 2: privilege row rumbles on
James Blunt and Chris Bryant continue their dispute about privilege in the arts, as they exchange Twitter messages

James Blunt has another go at Chris Bryant
James Blunt has taken another swipe at shadow culture minister Chris Bryant.

James Blunt calls MP Chris Bryant "Classist Gimp" over 'Posh' Remark
James Blunt has gone on the offensive on Twitter. James Blunt , the Harrow-educated creator of some of the world's dreariest pop songs, has accused the shadow culture minister Chris Bryant of being a "classist gimp" after the MP cited him as an example of performers coming from a privileged background.

James Blunt labels shadow culture minister Christ Bryant 'a prejudiced wazzock'
James Blunt has responded to Chris Bryant?s comments calling for more diversity in the arts.

James Blunt's letter to Chris Bryant makes him appear a paranoid wazzock
The singer-songwriter turned a wider point about the arts into a solipsistic denial of the existence of privilege James Blunt?s letter to Chris Bryant - in full Over the past couple of years James Blunt has proven himself a master of the Twitter comeback, smacking down random abuse with panache. Clearly the 140-character format brings out the best on him because his open letter to the new shadow ...

James Blunt's War Of Words With British Politician Steps Up
James Blunt has stepped up his war of words with a British politician after he wrote an open letter telling the singer to stop acting "so blooming precious" over his privileged upbringing.

James Blunt blasts 'wazzock' Bryant
James Blunt has blasted the shadow culture minister Chris Bryant, calling him a "prejudiced wazzock" after the politician grumbled that the arts were being dominated by those with a privileged background.

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Did You Know?
James wrote the song "You're Beautiful" after seeing another ex-girlfriend on the London Underground with her new boyfriend. He claimed on the BBC concert that aired on BBC1 on the 9th of December 2005 at 11:3s GMT that "our eyes met for a second but we re-lived an entire lifetime of memories".
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