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Da Vinci Code

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Da Vinci Code

One of the most controversial and suspenseful page turners of modern years, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is being turned into a film by Ron Howard. Following the story of Harvard professor Robert Langdon, who gets caught up in a life-or-death struggle involving the secret legacy of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Holy Grail.

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Tom Hanks Farted On Set Because Of A Paul Bettany Punch
Tom Hanks was punched so hard by Paul Bettany during the filming for The Da Vinci Code that he farted. Let me just repeat that sentence so you can all devour it again. Tom Hanks was punched so hard by Paul Bettany that he farted. Paul Bettany made the sensational revelation while promoting his upcoming Tom Hanks Farted On Set Because Of A Paul Bettany Punch is an article from: The Inquisitr News

Charlie Hebdo And The Hypocrisy Of The West Through Salman Rushdie
If there is any incident in recent times that has gotten my head throbbing and spinning like a ball, then it is this Charlie Hebdo issue.

Paul Bettany Eyeing London Move
British actor Paul Bettany is considering moving back across the Atlantic to his native Britain because he wants his family to live together in London.

The 'Mortdecai' Cast: Is This Their Worst Movie Ever?
Is 'Mortdecai' Every Cast Member's Worst Movie? From Johnny to Gwyneth to Ewan

Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara Testing for 'Star Wars' Stand-alone Movie (Exclusive)
Additionally, Felicity Jones is on the want list.

Cypress Bay High brings China home to students
Students at Cypress Bay High school in Weston don't have to go very far to immerse themselves in Chinese culture.

Felicity Jones, Rooney Mara to audition for 'Star Wars' spin-off
Annie Martin LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- Felicity Jones, Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany are being considered for the female lead in a "Star Wars" stand-alone movie directed by Gareth Edwards.

28 Internet acronyms parents should know
Any idea what "IWSN" stands for in Internet slang? It's a declarative statement: I want sex now. If it makes you feel any better, I had no clue, and neither did a number of women I asked about it.

Felicity Jones, Rooney Mara for "Star Wars" standalone film
Among the actresses reportedly testing as the leading lady in the upcoming "Star Wars" spinoff

Daniel Brühl, ?Mad Men? Creator Among Berlin International Film Festival Full Jury
Daniel Brühl, Bong Joon-ho, Martha De Laurentiis, Claudia Llosa, Audrey Tautou and Matthew Weiner are heading to Berlin.

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Did You Know?
The Da Vinci Code is actually a sequel, with the first tale of professor Robert Langdon occuring in Dan Brown's fantastic book Angels & Demons.
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