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Cynthia Nixon

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Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon is most famous for her role as Miranda Hobbes, the cynical corporate lawyer in HBO's Emmy and Golden Globe award winning series "Sex and the City." An accomplised stage actress, Nixon has appeared on Broadway in "The Last Night of Ballyhoo," "Angels in America," and "Indescretions," among others. Her film credits include "Igby Goes Down," "The Out-of-Towners," and "The Pelican Brief."

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Cynthia Nixon Learns Her Ancestor Was an Axe Murderer on TLC's Who Do You Think You Are?
Cynthia Nixon discovered on TLC's ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are? that one of her ancestors was axe murderer Martha Curnutt, who killed her abusive husband. Here she speaks to Professor of History Wendy Gamber about her lineage.

Cynthia Nixon Shocked to Learn Her Ancestor Was an Ax Murderer
The one about having an axe murderer in the family turns out to be no joke for Cynthia Nixon. The ?Sex And The City? star discovered that her great-great-great grandmother, Martha Curnutt, killed her abusive husband, Noah Casto, with an axe in 1840s Missouri. The...

Cynthia Nixon Shocked to Learn Ancestor Was Ax Murderer
Ancestry.com research manager uncovered a newspaper article from 1843.

Cynthia Nixon shocked at ancestor's on Who Do You Think You Are?
Actress found out the stunning revelation on Who Do You Think You Are?

Nixon discovers family axe murderer
Cynthia Nixon has been hit with the shock news that one of her ancestors was an axe murderer while taking part in Who Do You Think You Are?

Cynthia Nixon's Ancestor Predictions with Miranda Hobbes' Best One-Liners
HBO It is said that actors typically draw from personal experiences to portray their characters. Perhaps Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is nothing like the fiery and bitterly-sarcastic Miranda Hobbes, but that's not going to stop us from pretending that they could potentially share the same lineage.  We have a sneak peek of tonight's premiere of TLC's Who Do You Think You Are? , the Emmy ...

Cynthia Nixon Learns About Ancestor's Grisly Past On Genealogy Show
Former Sex And The City star Cynthia Nixon was left stunned after learning her great-great-great grandmother killed her husband to escape his abuse.

TLC brings actress Cynthia Nixon to MSP
Instead of the supernatural, a nationally broadcasted television show will showcase the more sinister realities of events that have occurred inside the old Missouri State Penitentiary.

Watch This Tonight: Who Do You Think You Are?
Cynthia Nixon is uncovering a family mystery on TLC's ... On the season premiere, the former Sex and the City star searches for answers about her paternal ancestry and finds a family in torment.

Lisa Kudrow previews 'Who Do You Think You Are?' secrets
Annie Martin LOS ANGELES, July 24 (UPI) -- "Sex & the City" star Cynthia Nixon made a shocking discovery on the genealogy program's season premiere, and Lisa Kudrow says there are more secrets to come.

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On "Sex and the City," Cynthia's character was listed as being 5' 7" when in real life she is actually 5' 10 1/2."
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