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Christopher Eccleston

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Christopher Eccleston

A gifted actor who brings skill and intensity to each role, Christopher Eccleston has given special performances in many films including Jude, Elizabeth, Shallow Grave and 28 Days Later... . Now, he takes on the iconic role of Doctor Who in the self-titled BBC series.

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'The Leftovers' Episode 3 Recap: Starved for Attention
After two so-so episodes, the HBO drama?s third installment finally hits a home run with an hour devoted entirely to Rev. Matt Jamison, portrayed by the ferociously talented British actor Christopher Eccleston, who nails a suburban New York accent and pretty much everything else You may recall Eccleston from his big-screen roles as supervillain Malekith in 2013's Thor: The Dark World and the ...

Christopher Eccleston on Playing The Leftovers? Muckraking Priest and Returning to Heroes
In Tom Perrotta?s novel The Leftovers, the town pastor is a fleeting presence, a priest who publishes leaflets proving only bad people like gamblers and pedophiles disappeared when two percent of the world?s population went missing. In the HBO series, he?s a major character played by Christopher Eccleston and his ... More ╗

Tom Perrotta On Tonight's Powerful 'Leftovers' Episode, Featuring Christopher Eccleston
The first two episodes of HBO's post-Rapture drama "The Leftovers" follow the spirit, if not the letter, of Tom Perrotta's novel, as the bewilderment and sense of loss that descends on the world after that mass disappearance is seen through the eyes of the Garvey family. But in its third episode,áthe first major departure from the book was made, as the entire episode centered not on Mapleton ...

?The Leftovers? season 1, episode 3 stills, clips unmask Reverend Matt
The Leftovers stills and clips from the latest episode delve into a character who has, until now, lurked in the shadows. Meet Reverend Matt Jamison in this week?s preview. Reverend Matt Jamison, played by Christopher Eccleston, introduces his spiritual offering ? Continue reading ? The post ?The Leftovers? season 1, episode 3 stills, clips unmask Reverend Matt appeared first on Hypable .

Leftovers' Eccleston on Matt's Fall From Grace: "There's a Great Deal of Ugliness in Him"
The following story contains spoilers from Sunday's episode of The Leftovers. Read at your own risk. HBO's The Leftovers took a bit of a detour Sunday. Instead of continuing to focus on the Garvey family, the show dedicated an entire episode to the plight of Christopher Eccleston's Rev. Matt Jamison. To add insult to injury, the bank forecloses on the deed to his church and sells it... to the ...

The Leftovers Recap: Always Bet on Red
Last week, I mentioned Christopher Eccleston, and that I hoped we?d see more of him. This week?s episode was all Christopher Eccleston, which leaves me wondering what else I should wish for. Because clearly, I have Powers. If last week?s episode was lacking in momentum ? and it was ? ... More ╗

?Heroes Reborn?: Season One?s Spiritual Yoda Wants Back In
Christopher Eccleston might be appearing on screens now in HBO's "The Leftovers," but he's better known for "Heroes" and "Thor." Find out which one he wants back in on.

'The Leftovers' Season 1, episode 3 'Two Busses and a Helicopter': Christopher Eccleston chats about using desperate ...
Warning: Major spoilers from "The Leftovers" Season 1, episode 3 "Two Boats and a Helicopter" are contained in this article.So far "The Leftovers" has certainly kept viewers on their toes, but this week takes the cake. In a standout episode, Reverend Matt Jamison continues to preach his gospel and tries to prove to the people of Mapleton many of the departed were sinners and far from saints ...

What the Bible Really Says About the Rapture
What would End Times really be like? A new HBO series airing Sunday night, The Leftovers, attempts to answer that question, sort of. In the show, based on a Tom Perrotta novel, 2% of the global population vanishes suddenly, and without explanation. The disappearance is mostly attributed to some kind of religious event, and the?

Who's your favourite Doctor, Mickey?
'Doctor Who' star Noel Clarke says Matt Smith is his favourite Doctor.

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Christopher is a supporter of Manchester United soccer club.
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