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Christopher Eccleston

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Christopher Eccleston

A gifted actor who brings skill and intensity to each role, Christopher Eccleston has given special performances in many films including Jude, Elizabeth, Shallow Grave and 28 Days Later... . Now, he takes on the iconic role of Doctor Who in the self-titled BBC series.

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Doctor Who: Legacy update may be difficult to Master
The first major update to Doctor Who: Legacy, the free-to-play iOS and Android puzzle game based on the BBC's sci-fi universe, will introduce longtime series villain The Master as well as a new Perk system, new Expert mode levels and new versions of...

Dalek: Doctor Who classic episode #18
This episode ? featuring Christopher Eccleston taking on a single Dalek ? marked the moment when the rebooted show won over a whole new generation SPOILER ALERT: We are discussing some of the Doctor Who adventures broadcast over the past 50 years. In this blog, we're looking at Dalek. Dalek (30 April 2005) Last time, I said I would prove that Dalek is the best Eccleston story. So here we go ...

?The Leftovers? Drops Thrilling Trailer: Watch Here!
Tackling the oft-covered topic of massive disappearance, ?The Leftovers? looks to be the next big hit for HBO. Starring Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler, Christopher Eccleston,? via Emag.co.uk

Doctor Who takes fight to the Daleks and Cybermen ? and critics of BBC
As TV programme's 50th anniversary show looms, Time Lord finds himself in vanguard of battle against inscrutable foes The Doctor will resume hostilities with the Daleks when the former Time Lord David Tennant returns for the 50th birthday edition of Doctor Who on Saturday. But the much anticipated anniversary show, The Day of the Doctor ? which will be simulcast in nearly 100 countries and shown ...

Doctor Who: BBC unveils Peter Capaldi's Time Lord costume
Described as '100% rebel Time Lord', the costume comprises a white shirt, navy coat and waistcoat, and shiny black boots Until very recently, all that anyone knew about Peter Capaldi's incarnation of Doctor Who was that he looked fearsome and would have preferred his kidneys to be a different colour. But now the BBC has unveiled the 12th Doctor's new costume, and our understanding of the man has ...

Thor: The Dark World batters its way to huge worldwide tally
Marvel's superhero sequel benefits from 'Avengers bounce' to rack up big totals across the international box office ? Thor: The Dark World star Tom Hiddleston: 'Thor and Loki love, hate and need each other' ? Peter Bradshaw's Thor: The Dark World review Superhero sequel Thor: The Dark World hammered its way to a mighty $109.4m (£68.3m) worldwide on debut at the weekend. The impressive haul was ...

'The Leftovers' trailer offers a peek at the literary adaptation
'Leftovers' is based on Tom Perrotta's novel about a Rapture-like occurrence.

Justin Theroux Discovers a Dead Body in the Woods (Don't Worry, It's a Scene for The Leftovers)
Yikes! Justin Theroux shot a gruesome scene for The Leftovers in Forest Park, Queens, New York, Tuesday afternoon. Wearing his Mapleton Police Department uniform, the 42-year-old actor...

DVD review: Doctor Who - The Best of the Doctor 2005-2011 - The Documentaries
The lack of special features on some recent classic Doctor Who releases has been lamentable. But here's the complete opposite. Special features from recent new Who releases without the episodes they go with.

Thor: The Dark World ? review
Alan Taylor's butterfingered direction of one of Marvel's more workmanlike heroes fails to impress A man who knows his way around a toolbox is a good thing. A man who names his hammer (and names it Mjölnir), then keeps it by his side at all times, on a little string, is less appealing. Nonetheless, this is our hero in the second instalment of the adventures of one of Marvel's more workmanlike ...

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Did You Know?
Christopher is a supporter of Manchester United soccer club.
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